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Why Video Training Seminars?

With video training, you can bring a top rated training professional into your organization for a workshop or seminar—anytime, anyplace—at a surprisingly affordable price.

Now, instead of worrying about flight schedules, hotel rooms, and split-second timing, you can focus on the needs of your organization. Video training provides an excellent, cost-efficient alternative to live training programs. Our large selection of award-winning video programs has helped tens of thousands of satisfied participants master new skills on a wide range of personal and professional development topics, including...
Budgeting & Finance
Business Writing
Communication Skills
Compute Software
Creativity and Graphic Design
Criticism & Discipline
Customer Service
Management, Leadership & Supervision
Sexual Harassment
Speed Reading
Stress Management
Teams and Team Building
Time & Project Management
Training and HR
And many more...

Why is video training right for your company?

  1. With our affordable pricing, you'll often pay less than 5% of the cost of bringing in a live presentor or sending your people to a live seminar or workshop. That's up to 95% savings!
  2. You're not tied to any schedule. Train whenever or wherever you desire.
  3. Modern video presentation equipment makes video training come alive. No longer do you have 4-5 people crowding around a small television. Video training is now appropriate for audiences from 1 to 10,000.
  4. You can prepare for your event by viewing the video in advance, so you'll know exactly what is being taught to your organization. You can anticipate questions and provide discussion points. You have the flexibility to select or eliminate sections of the video in order to customize the training to the specific needs of your team.
  5. You can stop the training at any time to answer questions or have a discussion about how to apply the principles learned to your specific company or organization.
  6. Our award-winning video programs are among the highest rated anywhere. The lively and entertaining instructors are experts in their fields and always engage their audiences. That boosts retention and helps ensure implementation. Plus, you can review the material again and again.

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