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Hiring the Best

Hiring the Best

Good people are the lifeblood of any organization. That's common knowledge. But knowing how to find and identify them is not. How can you make smart hiring decisions that will make you, and your boss, happy?

Follow the proven systematic hiring process explained in Hiring the Best. This step-by-step program tackles the ins-and-outs of finding and hiring employees you can depend on. You'll learn how to be proactive in the process, view resumes with an eagle-eye, and ask questions that get results.

Packed with insider tips that can be used immediately, Hiring the Best reveals the importance of:

  • Filling out a "Must-Have" worksheet for each job opening
  • Knowing which questions not to ask
  • Understanding the uses of interrogatory, reporter and probing questions
  • The importance of listening during the interview
  • Reacting to the candidate by paraphrasing and clarifying information
  • Checking references before hiring

The unbeatable system outlined in this DVD human resources program will help you find and hire top-notch producers. And that's what hiring is all about.

This training program comes complete with a DVD, CD audio and copy of the book Hiring the Best by Ann M. McGill

  • 25 minutes

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    Hiring the Best - 1 DVD, 1 CD, and book J1025DVD US $129.95