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Organizing Your Life and Getting Rid of Clutter

Organizing Your Life & Getting Rid of Clutter
Being organized is not a personality trait. It's a skill anybody can learn

Is clutter costing you time, money, and giving you headaches?

Are the tools you really need lost under the stuff you haven't bothered to throw away?

Do you spend hours every week just looking for things you misplaced?

Are you afraid of your basement or garage because it's like exploring a chaotic black hole?

You may be capable of reaching the top of your profession, but disorganization will hold you back. And, what good are enjoyable possessions if you can't ever find anything? The good news is that this program teaches you easy-to-learn techniques for sorting through your current mess—principles for getting and staying organized, and specific tips that can keep you clutter-free for the rest of your life.

Learn to clear your home and office of the messy buildups that cramp your mind and crimp your productivity. You'll get good advice and great tips on ways to de-clutter everything at work and at home, from your desktop to your hard drive, from your front hall closet to your filing drawers.


  • 2 questions that decide the fate of every incoming piece of paper
  • How to create files that are easy to use
  • How to use the "4-boxes-and-a-list" system to tidy up messy areas
  • Things you seldom use: how to get them out of your way and still keep them within easy reach

Being organized is not a personality trait. It's a skill anybody can learn. Learn to organize your home or office and clean up the mess that slows you down, costs you money, and stresses your life.


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Organizing Your Life and Getting Rid of Clutter - 2 CD set 1893737055 US $17.95