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Categories by Subject: Time Management

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How to Get Things Done

How to Get Things Done

Too many people view the process of time-management as a survival exercise rather than a road map to success. They remember the old quote, "Time is money," and they panic! They are always just trying to survive, and not very well, the latest deadline crisis either in their office or at home.

Well, it doesn't have to be this way at all. We can all learn to make the best use of our time either in the office or at home by putting into practice the techniques and skills found in How To Get Things Done.

In this DVD program, you'll learn fresh new ideas and techniques on how to master your time. You'll discover how to avoid procrastination; how to deal with the deadly crunch of meetings, phone calls and deadlines; the tactics to say "no" when you must in difficult situations; how to set meaningful goals; how to delegate and not worry about the job getting done and how to establish priorities at home as well as at work!

Loaded with graphics and vignettes, this video program is a must-purchase for all who need help with time management - and don't we all!

Complete with DVD, audio CD and book. 48 minutes.


  Product Code Item Price
How to Get Things Done DVD - 1 DVD, 1 CD, and book J1033DVD US $129.95