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Categories by Subject: Time Management

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Time Management

Time Management
Get the most out of your time!

It's 6:00 in the morning and you're already at your desk. In a desperate attempt to be productive, you plan to work - uninterrupted - until the frenzy of regular business hours begin. You don't have to rise before dawn to be effective at work.

You just need the exciting—yes exciting—training program Time Management: Get the Most out of Your Time. You can learn to take hold of your time. You can take hold of your schedule. You can manage your job more effectively.

This time-saving training program will help you:

  • Use the simple ABC System to prioritize your jobs
  • Deal with and conquer time-wasting procrastination tactics
  • Block off time each day for uninterrupted work
  • Plan for and shorten phone calls to cover only necessary information
  • Understand the importance of saying "no" to save your time
  • Carefully organize meetings to reduce their time and increase their effectiveness
  • Utilize the quiet time of airline travel
Too many of us get bogged down in time-wasting activities. But you can change all of this. Remember, you're in control!

Comes complete with a DVD, CD audio and copy of the book Time Management by Marc Mancini. 39 minutes.

  Product Code Item Price
Time Management - 1 DVD, 1 CD, and book J1077DVD US $129.95