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Effective Teamwork

Effective Teamwork

When some people hear the word teamwork they immediately think of games--team sports: yet, teamwork is much more than this.

In businesses today the teamwork concept, rather than the old pyramid-shaped organization-chart-process, is what makes them successful. Ideas and decisions are generated within teams and not from the top down as in the past.

With the "Effective Teamwork" how-to video training program you'll learn:

  • How to make the team concept work
  • Why teams are important to you and your organization
  • How to write a team constitution
  • How to develop ideas and make decisions that the team can stand behind
  • How to run a typical team meeting
  • How to deal with conflict and team problems
After watching this DVD, and completing the exercises both on the DVD and in the book, your entire work force will know how to maintain a cooperative, creative and highly productive team environment. The skills learned will lead to greater success for you and your organization.

This how-to training program "Effective Teamwork", comes complete with a DVD and CD audio. Also included is a copy of the book "Effective Teamwork" by Michael D. Maginn, which is part of the Business Skills Express Series published by The McGraw-Hill Companies.

39 minutes.

  Product Code Item Price
Effective Teamwork - 1 DVD, 1 CD, and book J1017DVD US $129.95