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Categories by Subject: Sexual Harrassment

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Understand, Prevent, Respond

Sexual harassment in the workplace — it's not only illegal, it's a real threat to your business. Ignoring or minimizing it can impact your staff, destroy your reputation, and cost you a fortune in litigation. Your success and business continuity depend on having the most up-to-date information and guidance to recognize, prevent, and respond to sexual harassment in the workplace.

You'll discover what every business must know through a series of real-world scenarios that eliminate ambiguity and clearly define sexual harassment in its many forms. This program provides on-the-spot training for new hires, existing staff, and your entire management team on your own schedule at a one-time, economical cost.

This straightforward presentation will show you and your coworkers how to:

  • Understand the damaging impact sexual harassment has on its victims, other staff, and your business
  • Define and differentiate between the many types of harassment
  • 7 factors to ascertain if behavior will be perceived as harassment
  • Recognize covert forms of harassment via email and the internet
  • Establish an easy-to-understand, proactive policy to prevent and report harassment
  • Take action to stop harassment and protect victims
  • How to reduce your liability through documentation
  • Respond to and deal with office romances that can put your firm in jeopardy
  • And much more!


This product does not constitute nor represent itself as a substitute for legal advice. Your company is responsible for complying with every area of federal, state, and local law and regulation that applies in the jurisdiction in which your company conducts business and has employees.

This product and all additional associated materials are for training and informational purposes only. Contents are based on the most current general information reasonably available at the time of production, but are subject to changes in jurisprudence and societal conditions.


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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace - DVD 41500DVD US $199.95