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Speed Reading

Speed Reading
Read 5 times faster and comprehend even more than you do now

Reading doesn't have to be a chore. Think about that the next time you're slogging through a 50-page report . . . trying to crank through a jam-packed in-box . . . or wading into a pile of unread magazines and trade journals.

With the surprisingly simple techniques in this program (and some practice) you can burn through your daily reading in a fraction of the time. You'll get more useful information from what you read, too.

Reading and memory expert Steve Moidel has perfected a speed reading program that can double your reading speed in minutes. With practice, you can soon be reading as much as five times faster—with improved powers of comprehension and recall.

Imagine how much more you could accomplish if you could read up to FIVE times faster! With the proven techniques presented in this program (plus a little practice) you can increase your reading speed and still comprehend what you read.

Speed Reading will help you streamline your reading and comprehension skills and keep them sharp for life!


  • How to find out what your reading speed is now (it may surprise you)
  • How to overcome the 6 most common reading problems
  • No-fail ways to understand and remember more of what you read
  • How to double your reading speed in just minutes
  • How to measure progress and keep your skills sharp

You'll learn how to read more in a fraction of the time—and dramatically improve your learning powers.

Order Steve's Speed Reading DVD and we'll include his 3 audio CD "Memory Power" free!


Qty Product Code Item Price
Speed Reading - 2 DVDs & PDF workbook
On sale now - was $149.95 now $89.95! Plus Steve's audio CD Memory Power, Free.
1893737195 US $89.95