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WiseNow's Self-Improvement Audio Collection!
Seven Powerful CDs to Improve Your Life

Memory Power - 3 audio CDs

Do you have difficulty remembering simple facts, people's names, or important details? Relax, now you can use these simple, yet effective, memory techniques to remember anything with ease. You'll learn how the brain remembers and how you can capitalize on the power of your mind, how to focus using the AAIRR formula, plus powerful pneumonic tools and memory systems to help you remember even the most difficult information. Start listening today and discover how quickly you can build a fail-safe memory.

Organizing Your Life & Getting Rid of Clutter - 2 audio CDs

Is clutter costing you time, money, and giving you headaches? This program teaches you easy-to-learn techniques for sorting through your current mess—principles for getting and staying organized, and specific tips that can keep you clutter-free for the rest of your life. You may be capable of reaching the top of your profession, but disorganization will hold you back. Now, you can organize your home or office and clean up the mess that slows you down, costs you money, and stresses your life.

The Fine Art of Small Talk - 2 audio CDs

Do you get nervous in business or social situations? This program will help you to come across as composed and self-assured when talking to people or entertaining clients at conventions, trade shows and other work-related functions. You'll also feel more at ease at parties, interviews, networking events, meetings, and receptions. Now you can engage anyone in conversation with poise and confidence. You'll learn how to start a conversation, keep it going, build rapport, and leave a positive impression.

These audio products normally retail for $53.85. Now, get all three for only $26.92—that's 50% off! Order now!


Qty Product Code Item Price
WiseNow's Self-Improvement Audio Collection - 7 audio CDs 11120CD US $26.92