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Cold Calling Techniques

Cold Calling Techniques
There are no new sales without new contacts

You can't make a sale unless you have an appointment first. In fact, prospecting is the key to successful selling. Now, sales expert Stephan Schiffman teaches you how to avoid "sales slumps" and down periods in income by teaching effective cold calling techniques.

This best-selling video seminar will not only teach you HOW to set a sales appointment over the phone, but it will motivate you to get started. It's the most comprehensive sales training program ever developed on the cold-calling process, providing sure-fire strategies for inside sales people, telemarketers and field sales professionals.

How can you and your sales team overcome the many challenges of cold calling and ensure sales success? When Cold Calling is done well, it can be the most successful way to gain new clients and secure more business. Now you can establish an effective Cold Calling game plan that will boost your results no matter what your product or industry.

You'll discover:

  • What you need to say in the first 15 seconds of the call
  • Fool-proof Cold Calling scripts
  • Strategies to engage your prospect
  • Fatal Cold Calling mistakes to avoid
  • Opening statements that will keep your prospect from hanging up
  • How to overcome objections like "I'm not Interested" or "I'm busy"
  • Ways to move the sale along for a follow-up or for a close
  • Ways to overcome cold call reluctance

Using Steve's memorable, straight-forward approach, this program actually teaches sales people how to make cold calling the most productive part of the sales process.

Includes both Cold Calling Techniques & Advanced Cold Calling Techniques by America's #1 corporate sales strategist, Steve Schiffman.


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