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Negotiating for Business Results

Negotiating for Business Results
Learn to Negotiate Like a Pro!

Negotiation takes place all the time. It plays a vital role in your everyday business and personal life. Yet, many people view negotiation as an onerous exercise to be tolerated rather than enjoyed.

In "Negotiation for Business Results" you'll develop the skills necessary to help you become a successful negotiator, and at the same time, learn to enjoy the process along the way.

You'll learn:

  • The fundamental elements of negotiations
  • How to prepare for nearly any kind of negotiation
  • How to outline your negotiating goals
  • How to anticipate what the other side will do and how to react
  • Highly effective negotiation techniques

"Negotiating for Business Results" comes complete with a DVD, CD audio and a copy of the book "Negotiating for Business Results" by Judith E. Fisher, which is part of the Business Skills Express Series published by The McGraw-Hill Companies. 39 minutes.


  Product Code Item Price
Negotiating for Business Results - 1 DVD, 1 CD, and book J1055DVD US $129.95