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Basics of Business Etiquette DVD

Basics of Business Etiquette DVD

The way you handle yourself in a business and social environment can reveal a lot about you, and your position within an organization. From meetings with the boss to meetings with clients and customers, knowing the right things to do and say can make a tremendous difference in helping you and your company reach its goals.

With the new Basics of Business Etiquitte how-to training program you'll learn:

  • Why etiquette is important
  • Proper manners for meeting and greeting others
  • Spatial arrangements: How close to stand and why
  • Basic office equipment etiquette
  • Professional presence (what to wear and not to wear)
  • The basics of how to act in both business and social situations
  • How to manage dining dilemmas (which fork, glass and plate belong to YOU?)
The Basics of Business Etiquette training program comes complete with a DVD, CD audio and copy of the book The Basics of Business Etiquette by Majorie Brody and Barbara Pachter, which is part of the Business Skills Express Series. 45 minutes

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Basics of Business Etiquitte DVD - 1 DVD, 1 CD, and book J1001DVD US $129.95