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How to Supervise People

How to Supervise People

As a manager, you don't accomplish something unless your people do. Your style and influence over people are as important to your position as your knowledge of your job. As a supervisor, you have to wear a lot of hats. Don't you? You're a friend, coach, boss, mediator. You're in charge and it's not always easy. Now learn to delegate, discipline, deliver praise and criticism, get others to work effectively under pressure, and organize people, projects, and schedules on an ongoing basis.

Incredible Results.

This program also reveals valuable insights and ideas to help you attain a higher level of enjoyment and accomplishment while inspiring the same in those around you. Identify your own strengths and weaknesses, and develop habits that support your goals as a supervisor. Identify problems and make changes in a solution-oriented way. Apply management and behavioral theories to real-life situations.

Powerful, Fresh Ideas

Regardless of your previous experience in supervising, you can always work smarter and do your job better with the fresh ideas and techniques you'll find here. Become an even more productive supervisor than you already are, one who builds rapport, motivation, and pride in employees.


  • Slash employee turnover costs and hassles by using specific hiring and interviewing techniques to your greatest advantage.
  • Identify and avoid the 5 most common traps encountered by new supervisors.
  • Establish boundaries for supervisor/subordinate relationships.
  • Make job assignments stick - and work.

Qty Product Code Item Price
How to Supervise People - DVD & workbook 23550DVD US $129.95
How to Supervise People - 6 audio CDs & workbook 11351CD US $89.95
How to Supervise People - additional workbooks 11350PG US $12.95