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How to Supervise People (BTS)

How to Supervise People (by BTS)

Someone once said, "It's not the job that causes me problems, it's the people that work for me!" Well, sorry to say in many cases people feel just this way. But it does not have to be like this. Being a supervisor can be one of the most satisfying, productive and even enjoyable experiences anyone can have.

One of our best selling video programs, How To Supervise People, really takes the mystery out of being a supervisor. Complete with DVD, CD audio and book, it makes it an enjoyable experience learning how to develop and improve the skills necessary to become an excellent supervisor and leader.

When you really think about it, leadership is the ultimate challange in any job. It takes skill, toughness, and sensitivity sprinkled with that ever-so-important touch of common sense. In this video program you'll learn the how-to approach to supervising - some theory and a lot of "what to do if" answers.

How To Supervise People shows you the techniques to develop and inspire your people. It gives you the keys to teamwork and team building - techniques for dealing positively with conflict and compromise - strategies for dealing with change - the best method for cost control and methods improvement and much, much more. Developed for the new supervisor, the soon-to-be supervisior or the long-time professional, How To Supervise People is a sure winner!

Complete with DVD, CD audio and book. 42 minutes.
Part of the Business Training Series


  Product Code Item Price
How to Supervise People - 1 DVD, 1 CD, and book J1045DVD US $129.95