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Categories by Subject: Management and Leadership

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Supervising the Difficult Employee DVD

Supervising the Difficult Employee DVD

Nobody likes working with a difficult employee...and for supervisors, confronting that employee about his or her difficult behavior seems even worse. Supervising the Difficult Employee, however, will steer you through six main objectives that will help you redirect that employee. That employee's behavior may be non-productive, and negatively affects coworkers' performances--hence,the difficult employee.

This DVD program begins by highlighting steps for determining the root problem, using accurate documentation, then helping the employee take corrective action. Who knows? You may find that your "problem" employee just needed guidance to be one of your "best".

Comes complete with a DVD, CD audio and copy of the book "Supervising the Difficult Employee," by Ann M. McGill. 23 minutes.


  Product Code Item Price
Supervising Difficult Employee - 1 DVD, 1 CD, and book J1071DVD US $129.95