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Project Management with Larry Johnson

Project Management with Larry Johnson
Bring Your Projects In On-Time and On-Budget

Consistently good project managers are worth their weight in gold to any organization. That's because today everyone's goal is to make things happen - and that generally means executing projects.

In order to manage a project, you need specific skills to take a project and shape it, define it, limit it, and ultimately execute it. You need the know how to plan, budget, schedule and establish checkpoints along the way. You have to know where to go for support, and how to enlist it.

This newly updated video training program equips you with the skills you need to become the kind of project manager who knows how to make things happen, get results, and stay in complete control from beginning to end.

Having good project management skills is important to your career, no matter what line of work you're in. It shows you can take an idea and execute it. And that earns you the trust, visibility and reputation that can move you ahead.

Program Highlights

  1. The 5 Major Benefits of Having a Skilled Project Manager in Control
  2. 10 Questions that Can Help Gauge Your Project's Progress
  3. How to Write - and Format - a Plan People Will Buy Into
  4. The 4 Cornerstones of a Project Goal: Time, Target, Budget, and "So What"
  5. Ways to Roll with Client Changes... and Still Stick to Your Deadlines
  6. PERT/CPM and Gantt Charts - What They are and How to Use Them in Planning and Scheduling Your Projects
  7. Monitoring Your Project's Progress: 5 Ways to Make Sure You're On Time and On Track
  8. Correcting Your Course - Immediate Steps to Take If and When Your Plan Starts to Veer
  9. How to Estimate Project Costs, and Stay on Top of Your Expenditures
  10. When and How to Wrap Up a Project
  11. Why It's Important to Recognize Achievement and How to Publicize What You and Your Team Accomplished
  12. Tips on Putting the Power of Your PC to Work in Managing Your Projects
  13. How to Avoid "Micromanaging" Your Projects

Video Contents

DVD Disc 1 (49 Min)

  • Understanding the role the project manager plays
  • 17 tools of your trade: charts, worksheets and other "helpers" you'll use to manage projects
  • 12 terms you need to know cold so you can "talk the talk"
  • 10 questions that can help gauge your project's progress
  • How to break your project into 4 manageable phases: 1) Planning, 2) Scheduling, 3) Controlling, and 4) Terminating
  • The 4 C's at the heard of every good plan
  • How to write--and format--a plan that management and clients will buy into
DVD Disc 2 (1 Hr 12 Min)

  • Ways to network with the key stakeholders of your project
  • The 4 cornerstones of a project goal: time, target, budget and "so what"
  • Ways to roll with client changes--and still stick to your deadlines
  • Using benchmarks to prevent the "flat forehead syndromeî
  • How to create a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) and use it to organize your project and assign responsibilities
  • PERT/CPM and GANTT charts--what they are and how to use them in planning and scheduling your projects
DVD Disc 3 (55 Min)

  • How to estimate the time things will take: 5 tools to help you set deadlines and timelines more accureately
  • Conducting "what if" analysis--how to anticipate "glitches" and be ready with options when they hit
  • Monitoring your project's progress--5 tips to make sure you're on time and on track
  • Immediate steps to take if and when your plan starts to veer off course
  • The ABCs of project budgeting
    - 7 benefits of a well-researched, realistic budget
  • The pitfalls of an "over-restrictive" budget
  • 2 common kinds of budgets
  • The 3 kinds of responses you'll incur and how to plan for each
  • Zero-based budgets: how they work and when to use one
DVD Disc 4 (1 Hr 20 Min)

  • The role GANTT charts, histograms and line graphs in preparing budgets
  • How to estimate project costs--and stay on top of your expenditures
  • Squeezing all you can out of the resources you have
  • Resource loading and leveling--how to allocate resources for maximum payback
  • Using a "crash path analysisî to determine the feasibility of accelerating certain project tasks
  • The "phase outî stage--when and how to wrap up a project
  • Celebrating your project's success--why it's important to recognize and publicize what you and your team accomplished
  • 3 traits of every successful project manager

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Project Management - 4 DVD set with PDF workbook 9781893737211 US $199.95