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High Impact Job Search

High Impact Job Search
"The Proven Job Finding System"

High Impact Job Search, "The Proven Job Finding System", was developed by staffing expert and author, Dr. Richard Hewitt. Dr. Hewitt applied his academic background (graduate degrees in Mathematics, Economics, and Process Engineering), to study the way most people look for work.

In the process, he discovered that most job seekers sabotage their own success because of the way they approach their job search. Their approach creates doubt, stalls momentum and robs them of any ability to control how long it takes to land a job.

I started down this path to solve my own unemployment problem. In the process I learned that most job seekers really don't know how to conduct an efficient, successful job search campaign.

I also learned that there a lot of companies out there that are happy to charge handsomely to help job seekers look for work. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford their fees. And the more I learned, the more I realized they were all teaching variations of the same old, inefficient methods.

You might say that instead of trying to go faster on an old bumpy road, I designed an express lane to get through to decision makers (in record time) and to land jobs. I built High Impact Job Search for people like myself, who don't have the time or thousands of dollars to spend on traditional, inefficient methods or programs.

Dr. Richard Hewitt, High Impact Job Search Creator

Based on these breakthrough insights, and drawing on his own professional background in Human Resources, Recruiting, and software development, Dr. Hewitt spent 3 years developing High Impact Job Search, a logical and repeatable job-finding system. One that is so simple, anyone in any industry, can use it to land a job.

Dr. Hewitt has taught his unique concepts to job seekers from every educational and experience level possible: G.E.D.s to Ph.D.s; recent college graduates to seasoned professionals; military veterans from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps; entry-level job seekers, mid-level managers, and executives.

The transformation in these job seekers has been uniformly amazing and virtually instantaneous. This approach to job search has been "life-changingî for many, because the system is based on simple, universal truths that connect everyone of us, job seekers and employers, alike. Some have suggested that if you can read and talk to people, you can use this system to land the job of your dreams.

Success Stories

Layoff victim

"I spent the first two months of my job search writing a resume, developing a two-minute "elevator pitch", and scanning the Internet for job postings, all without a single response from a prospective employer.

Then I was introduced to Dr. Richard Hewitt. I began using the High Impact Job Search program and quickly sent two of the Value Proposition Idea letters he recommends. To my surprise, I received a positive response to the first letter within 24 hours and a positive response to the second within 48 hours. Both responses lead to job offers. Imagine getting 100% response rate within 48 hours, after two months of nothing."

J. Fidger Sales, Marketing, and Operations Executive

Professional Recruiter

"As a professional Recruiter, I thought I knew how to get into a company. After trying for over four months to get someone to return my calls or respond to my emails, I was frustrated and about to give up hope of ever getting in. Within three weeks of applying the HIJS principals, I received a response from the CEO and had an appointment with a decision maker."

D. Roseman Senior Technical Recruiter

Raises and Promotions

"After landing a job at my present company, I immediately began applying the High Impact Job Search principals. I was hired as a training manager with no direct reports and no budget control. Within six months of being hired, I received two promotions, a raise, and a lot more responsibility. After 12 months, I had 34 direct reports and a budget in excess of $5 million."

"The High Impact Job Search principals worked for me and I continue to apply them, just at a higher level now."

S. Ferguson Director of a Corporate University National Homebuilder

Resume Yielded Nothing

"Within four weeks of beginning your program, I landed a meeting with a company I targeted (when sending them a resume three weeks earlier yielded nothing). That meeting lead to a second meeting and then another with a senior decision maker. Two days later I accepted their job offer. It felt really great to go back to the company that was downsizing me and tell them I couldn't stay until the agreed upon separation date because I'd accepted a new job and was starting on Monday.

It's been two months now and I love my job. The best part is, I'm now applying the High Impact principals to do my job more effectively and to move up in my new company."

T. Brainard Records Manager Statewide Credit Union


HR Executive

"The state of the hiring process is absolutely broken and it's been broken by the automation that is supposed to help the process. Keyword screening has eliminated my ability to get a sense of the talent I'm looking for. As a CEO I want to talk to people who want to discuss my problems and how they can solve them. I don't want to see a resume or how a resume writer has rewritten their background.

The High Impact Job Search approach shortens the hiring cycle. It's the way of the future. Actually, it's the way of the present. High Impact Job Search solves the problem hiring executives have of identifying individuals who can address their problems."

R. Vidal Senior HR Executive and CEO Employer Services Group

College Placement Director

"Armed with his cutting edge research and firsthand knowledge of the frustrations of traditional job searching methods, Dr. Hewitt presents, in a very straightforward and understandable manner, what recent graduates need to do to land a job.

High Impact Job Search is more than a job search program; it's a career management system for the first job and beyond. Our students have enthusiastically embraced this program."

R. Brummett Director Career Center Colorado School of Mines


"From the first time I was exposed to the High Impact Job Search program I was impressed. In my eighteen and a half years in the military, this is the best system I've seen for helping military personnel land civilian jobs.

High Impact Job Search is, in my estimation, the most efficient and effective system available for landing a job and managing a career."

R. Gilchrist, PhD Lt Colonel, United States Air Force

Out placement customer

"Dr. Hewitt,
Your High Impact Job Search program was perfect and right on target. The methodology really resonated with our former employees. Several of them have called to thank me for providing your program and word seems to be getting around. Current employees are asking if they can have copies of your program.

We will definitely use High Impact job Search again. You truly helped the HR team deliver value to our affected employees."

K. Nolan Vice President Human Resources International Software Firm

Now, the decision is yours. Is it time to "amp-up" you job search? ORDER NOW!!


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