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Categories by Subject: Grammar and Writing Skills

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Mistake-Free Grammar & Proofreading

Mistake-Free Grammar & Proofreading
Get a firm grip on grammar rules and learn to proofread with perfection.

Have you ever had a memo or letter returned with typos and punctuation errors circled? During a meeting, have you ever sat in silence for fear of sounding unsophisticated? Don't you wish now that you remembered more of what your grammar teacher taught you?

Fair or unfair, in business your ideas are only as good as your ability to express them. You don't want to be embarrassed in front of your co-workers or boss. That's why it's so important to know - and apply - systematic grammar rules when you speak and write. Nothing adds more credibility than clear, accurate, and correct communication.

This program demystifies the often puzzling world of grammar, word usage, sentence structure, punctuation, and proofreading. You'll gain a renewed sense of confidence in your ability to communicate accurately and professionally in a business setting.

You'll Learn To :
  • Understand the often-puzzling world of grammar, word usage, sentence structure, and punctuation
  • Renew your sense of confidence in your ability to present a polished, professional image in all your business communication
  • Develop the skills to write, so others notice your good ideas — and not your errors
  • Reduce workplace stress by helping your team improve both written and spoken communication

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Mistake Free Grammar & Proofreading - 2 DVDs & downloadable workbook 41070DVD US $149.95