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How to Give Exceptional Customer Service 2000

How to Give Exceptional Customer Service 2000
Learn to dazzle your customers! Exceed their expectations!

Ever wonder how an organization can get its entire work force eating, sleeping, breathing customer service - especially in an age when common courtesy, extra effort and empathy are in short supply? Ever wonder how a company comes up with the service ideas that turn its customers into avid (and unpaid!) ambassadors for its products?

Wonder no more, as Lisa Ford, customer service adviser extraordinaire, takes you behind the scenes to find out what smart organizations are doing to dazzle customers and build unbending loyalty. You'll sit in as Lisa interviews customer service trendsetters at major corporations . . . observe live customer care training at some of today's most successful companies . . . benefit from Lisa's firsthand experience with what works, what doesn't, in today's service arena.

Recognized as one of the saviest customer service trainers around, Lisa Ford has personally trained more than 50,000 service and sales professionals. Lisa's original version of this program has sold more than 150,000 copies making it the best selling video training program of all time (on any subject!).

Lisa Ford's wisdom and advice have helped bring about dramatic customer service improvement in dozens of companies, large and small. Now she brings those same insider insights to you, in this new-from-the-ground-up program. Lisa rolls up her sleeves once again and offers you a no-holds-barred look at what companies are doing right—and wrong—in their attempts to romance and satisfy today's increasingly fickle and demanding customers.


  • What the Customer Service Experience is - and why it's so important
  • Your customer's 4 basic needs - what they are, how to meet and exceed them every time
  • How your "points of contact" can help you see your service through your customer's eyes
  • How to treat your customers as if they are always right (especially when they're wrong)
  • Simple ways to build trust and make customers feel you're "on their side" - no matter the complaint or problem
  • Potentially inflammatory words and phrases - and what to say instead
  • 6 steps to help you bounce back from mistakes and blunders
  • Ways to "soften the blow" when delivering bad news to your customers
  • How to avoid "coffee-break stress syndrome" - and use your break time to refresh and recharge
  • The "9 Out of 10" Rule: Use it to recognize how negativity may be creeping into your customer interactions
  • The 7 characteristics of a Customer Service Star (and how you can develop them too)
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How to Give Exceptional Customer Service 2000 - 8 volumes on 4 DVD's includes a 35 page workbook 21478DVD US $399.95