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Categories by Subject: Conflict and Stress Management

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Overcoming Stress at Work

Overcoming Stress at Work

Had enough STRESS? ...Ughhh!

This training program reveals valuable information about the human mind and body that can help turn you into an "Anxiety Analyst" and control much of the stress you feel everyday at work and at home.

Overcoming Stress At Work defines stress, helps you identify your own stresses, teaches you the physical symptoms of stress-and relays positive mental-changing techniques to overcome non-positive stress once and for all.

Comes with a DVD, CD audio, and a copy of the book "Overcoming Anxiety at Work," by Jane R. Miskell, which is part of the Business Skills Express Series.

19-minute DVD


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Overcoming Stress at Work - 1 DVD, 1 audio CD, book


US $129.95