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Categories by Subject: Conflict and Stress Management

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Managing Conflict at Work

Managing Conflict at Work
How to create a new atmosphere on your job

In today's fast-paced, high intensity work place conflict plays a major part in our everyday activities. From small disagreements to outright verbal battles, conflict is a normal part of most everyone's daily lives.

Managing Conflict at Work: The Art of Communication looks at conflict as a normal part of life and shows how to turn it into a positive experience-yes, a positive experience. The result will be a new atmosphere at your job, a feeling that problems are in fact solvable, and provide opportunities for everyone involved to grow and improve.

Comes complete with DVD, CD audio and copy of the book, "Managing Conflict at Work," by Jim Murphy. 20 minutes.


  Product Code Item Price
Managing Conflict at Work - 1 DVD, 1 CD, and book J1053DVD US $129.95