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Stress Management for Professionals

Stress Management for Professionals
Proven strategies for shielding yourself from overstress and burnout. From the man who consults for NASA to the astronauts!

In this upbeat, information-packed program, stress expert Roger Mellott addresses stress management at its very core: your self-esteem. You'll learn that the better you feel about yourself, the less vulnerable you are to stressful situations.

You'll also discover that stress is an essential part of life. The trick is to take charge of the stressors that get you down. This positive message will leave you energized and confident -- ready to lead a brighter, more balanced life. Roger's insights will help free you from the stressors over which you have no control.

You'll be able to release some of the pressure in your life without letting go of your values. You'll also discover how to handle the stress caused by conflict and difficult people more effectively. You'll build a foundation of confidence essential to living a "less-stress" life.

Learn to effectively balance your goals for work, home and health; avoid overreacting to stressful situations; and learn to vent frustration without hurting others. In short, you will have more control of your actions and your emotions.

In this program you'll learn:

  • How to avoid the "Rambo Reaction" when you feel overloaded with stress
  • Constructive depression -- learning to function when you're feeling down
  • How to stop yourself from getting hurt or angry
  • The power of staying "neutral" in high-stress situations
  • 4 "feel-good" ways to vent anger and frustration, without hurting yourself or others test.

You can't rid yourself of job-related stress. In fact, you need a certain amount of stress to perform your job. But how you handle pressure can mean the difference between being happy and productive ... or frustrated and anxious. This program will teach you how to take control of the stress in your life and make it a positive force for action.


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Stress Management for Professionals - 3 DVDs


US $199.95
Stress Management for Professionals - 6 audio CDs (6 hrs. 2 min.) 10080CD US $89.95