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How to Deal With Difficult People

How to Deal With Difficult People
Solve your people problems once and for all

This program takes a long, hard and often lighthearted look at what you can do to deal with the people who seem to delight in making your life miserable. Learn to co-exist with all kinds of difficult people -- from know-it-alls to bullies, backstabbers and more -- and free yourself from their grip.

Don't spend another moment fuming, speechless, or tongue-tied. Learn how to handle difficult people once and for all. You'll feel better about them — and yourself.


  • The best comeback to a biting or sarcastic remark
  • What to do when someone starts yelling or threatens you
  • The one mistake people make that's guaranteed to escalate conflict
  • What to do when your "difficult person" is your boss
  • When to call in a third party to resolve a stalemate
  • How to know when YOU are the difficult one

Qty Product Code Item Price
How to Deal With Difficult People - 3 DVDs & workbook 21082DVD US $129.95
How to Deal With Difficult People - 4 audio CDs 10015CD US $89.95