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How to Develop Effective Communication Skills

How to Develop Effective Communication Skills

Communication is one of the most important words in any business. If you can communicate, you and your business will move forward and most likely thrive. If you can't, the road to success is blocked with numerous obstacles, many of which are too difficult to cross.

"How to Develop Effective Communication Skills" is a systematic, detailed training program that gives you a blueprint for effective communication; a formula for understanding. You will learn the skills needed in order to compete in the worldwide marketplace to make you and your company successful.

You'll learn to:

  • Build trust so you can communicate openly and freely with others
  • Remove barriers to positive communication
  • Communicate nonverbally as well as verbally
  • Develop better relationships through listening
  • Deal with conflict in the work place

These are skills you can put to work immediately.

This training program comes complete with a DVD, CD audio and copy of the book, "Effective Interpersonal Relationships" by Robert W. Lucas. 34 minutes


  Product Code Item Price
How to Develop Effective Communication Skills - 1 DVD, 1 CD, and book J1031DVD US $129.95