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How to Handle Difficult People

How to Handle Difficult People
How to Handle Difficult People- SET

Volume I: The Differences in People

In The Differences in People you'll learn how to overcome stressful personality conflicts; how to recognize the control we have over ourselves; how to develop better business relationships and how to understand and adjust our "believer filters."

Volume II: Dealing with Difficult People

In Dealing with Difficult People you'll learn the various types of dificult behavior; discover the formula for changing attitudes and the ways to bring out the best in people.

Volume III: Strategies for Increased Self-Esteem

In Strategies for Increased Self-Esteem you'll learn how to maintain your composure when times get tough and you are under pressure. Also, you'll discover the keys to communicating effectively and you'll learn the importance of positive self esteem.

3 Volume Set includes 3 DVDs and 3 workbooks.


  Product Code Item Price
How to Handle Difficult People - 3-DVD Set J1035DVD US $329.85